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Stranger Things

3. Sezon 3. Bölüm

Süre: 50 dk

Stranger Things S3 E3

Dizinin Konusu

Stranger Things dizisinin 3. sezonunun 3. bölümü "Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard" adını taşıyor. Bu Stranger Things bölümü William Bridges tarafından yazıldı ve Shawn Levy tarafından yönetildi. Dizinin bu bölümünün konusunu orijinal dilinde yani İngilizce olarak aşağıda okuyabilirsiniz:

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3

Eleven uses her powers to "spy" on Mike and later Billy, finding him subduing Heather before he senses Eleven's presence. Max and Eleven try to track down Billy but fail to find him and Heather at the pool, with Eleven attempting to locate the latter. Nancy finds out more about the rats' strange behavior and reports of missing fertilizer and chemicals all over Hawkins, taking Jonathan back to the Driscoll's house where they find Driscoll eating fertilizer herself. Will has a falling out with Mike and Lucas, frustrated by their preoccupation with girls. Robin decodes the Russian communication to be about a shipment arriving at Starcourt that night, joining Dustin and Steve on a stake-out where they spy on armed Russian soldiers at Starcourt's loading dock. Hopper is angry at Joyce for standing him up, but she convinces him that the magnets must have demagnetized due to an electromagnetic device at the abandoned lab. Hopper and Joyce go to the lab to investigate, but Hopper is attacked by Grigori, a Russian soldier. Max and Eleven find Billy and Heather having dinner with Heather's parents, seemingly fine. After the girls leave, Billy and Heather knock out her parents, which Will senses and reveals that the Mind Flayer has returned.

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